[RELEASE] Skype (VoIP Program) Addon

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Bullfrogberry Offline
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Also looking for Skype call. some one it apears to be working on it for a DIFFERENT XBMC than what I have.

I have the Kodi v14

I have netflix and Pandora, and a movie list but not fully satisfied.

Is skype an option at this point?
I am also looking for a UtraViolet or Vudo or another shareable kind of addon that will comulicate with the online list of movies I legally own. =D
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dolla Offline
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Also looking for a working skype addon ;-)
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JoeBlow42069 Offline
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Me too, Skype would be awesome!
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RStephen Offline
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Any voip service would be really Kewl!
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kevindery Offline
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would definetively take a skype addon Big Grin
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theia Offline
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While a proper Skype Addon is not developed, you may be interested in my simple Windows AutoHotKey script.
With it you can choose any three keys on your remote to:

1. Answer a Skype call with video
2. Terminate a Skype call
3. Make a Skype (group) call with video [select contact(s) and Jump to Conversation]

While the script is not integrated on Kodi, and does not display a pop-up for an incoming call, I believe it provides a minimum set of actions to interact with Skype using your remote.

Please do:
- enable Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Shortcuts -> Activate Shortcuts box in Skype menu
- edit script and change the trigger keys to whatever maps best for you remote
- install AutoHotKey and compile AutoHotKeys.ahk file by double-clicking on it.

AutoHotKeys.ahk file (write it to your Windows Startup folder):

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; Answer Skype call with video
!Numpad5::  ; ORtek VRC-1100 '#' button
  KeyWait Alt
WinActivate, ahk_exe Skype.exe
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Skype.exe ahk_class tSkMainForm
  Send ^!{PgUp}

; Terminate Skype call
^r::  ; ORtek VRC-1100 'Record' button
  KeyWait Ctrl
WinActivate, ahk_exe Skype.exe
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Skype.exe ahk_class tSkMainForm
  Send !{PgDn}
  WinMinimize, ahk_exe Skype.exe  ; Minimize Skype

; Make Skype group call with video
^t::  ; ORtek VRC-1100 'Live' button
  KeyWait Ctrl
if !WinExist("ahk_exe Skype.exe")
  RegRead, SkypePath, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Skype\Phone, SkypePath
  Run, %SkypePath%
  WinWait, ahk_exe Skype.exe
WinActivate, ahk_exe Skype.exe
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Skype.exe ahk_class tSkMainForm
  Send ^n ; Show new group window (substitute ^n for the equivalent 'Create New Group' shortcut of your language)
  WinWait, ahk_class TAddContactsPopup, , 20
  if ErrorLevel
    MsgBox, New group call popup failed to show.
  WinActivate, ahk_class TAddContactsPopup,
  WinWaitClose, ahk_class TAddContactsPopup,
  Send ^+q ; Make video call to group
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