[RELEASE] Ampache Client Plugin - Browse & search the catalog on your Ampache Server

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mbetter Offline
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Matt, are you getting long gaps between songs? What version of XBMC are you using?

Edit: The newer version of XBMC that I installed is doing some seeking weirdness every time it hits a new url. It was bugging me so I disabled seeking in the http headers that Ampache sends. I'll try and figure out what the deal is on the XBMC side.
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matt-tastic Offline
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Is this project still being worked on? and can it compile for 64bit systems? I've got an Ampache server running, it streams to my android phone (using Amdroid) and I can access it form the web interface.

When i click on ampache, nothing happens. I don't even get a "loading script" message or "Script Failed" error.

Thanks in Advance!
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lusum Offline
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I have forked the github repository of mbetter on github and done an update version of plugin, this is the address:

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