Small MOD for fanart view

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Hello Ronie,

Transparency is a fantastic skin! The functionality is awesome, and T! is very flexible, allowing you to customize it deeply to suit your taste. I particulary like the idea of treating fanart as the main thing throughout the skin. That's why I have set fanart view as my default view for all modules (Movies, TV Series, Music, Games). This way I have a consistent feeling browsing through XBMC.

I would like to see though, in the Movies fanart view, IMDb's Tagline and the number of items in the upper part of the screen (see mockup in linked image below):

[Image: screenshot001.jpg]

I know that's a very personal request, so I'm not suggesting to incorporate it to Transparency. But perhaps you could tell me what code I have to insert in View-Fanart.xml (I assume this is the right file) to display these lines in fanart view.

Maybe some other user with skinning knowledge could help me?

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you need these two infolabels:

you can but it somewhere in the <include name="Fanart-Videos_Extras"> section of View_Fanart.xml

btw, your mediaflags are messed up. it's a mixture of the old and new mediaflags set....
a fresh svn checkout should fix that.

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