[CLOSED] Advanced Launcher - Applications Launcher Addon for XBMC

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ldavet Offline
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(2015-03-31 03:50)Angelscry Wrote:  Advanced Launcher as now reached maturity. It's actually a popular add-on used by a lot of users, and the last bug report has been posted 7 months ago. The only known bug, due to random listitem flush, that cause launchers.xml corruption is due to Kodi and have been reported to devellopers 2 years ago. The only support that I have given during last time was not related to Advanced Launcher but to skins (that do not display the right informations) or to applications (that users do not know how to use their command line). I'm not interested to give this kind of support.

Hey, that's pretty cool. I actually prefer using it to RCB, because more skins support it and it's more "general purpose", though my experience with RCB has helped me setup Advanced Launcher properly (i.e. to work with RetroArch). This thread has been very useful and I've found answers here for most of the hiccups I encountered.

I just hope further Kodi versions don't break its functionality, though.

Unfortunately GameFAQs seems to be blocking the IP of people who try to scrape it for content, so the scraper is no longer useful... It's a shame because TheGamesDB works fine except for fanart, they seem not to have a lot of fanart.
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DravinSharde Offline
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(2015-03-31 03:32)Angelscry Wrote:  
(2015-03-30 04:52)DravinSharde Wrote:  Hi, been using Advanced Launcher for quite a long time now and I'm rebuilding my games database after a major system crash that forced me to reformat the whole drive. Anyway, there was something I was wondering about. I noticed that in some views, there are fields that are just empty no matter what you do, such as the one below. I've tried using the <premiered> tag in the .nfo file but nothing shows up. Any idea why that might be? Thanks for your help, and great work!
The premiered value is not included into Advanced Launcher.

Thanks. Do you know how I might change PREMIERED: to a field that Advanced Launcher does use?
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SSorcereRR Offline
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Whenever i launch Kodi, i get an empty Help dialogue box. Is there a fix for this issue?
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Budwyzer Offline
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This isn't a feature request, so I'm coming here.

Has anyone been able to get AdvanceLauncher to launch a Steam game in streaming mode, rather than just try to download the game?
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Cinder Offline
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I've been trying to scrape Gamecube and PSX games with ArcadeHITS in advanced launcher, but all I get for game names are some french-looking gibberish.
Is the arcadeHITS scraper broken? I recall getting good results with the same scraper before, but I had to redo my library because of migration.

All game names are scraped as "Derniers jeux comment&amp;eacute;sLe Mur Arcade du Jour", anyone know why?
Seems that AllGame scrapes the above as game name too..
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Pdiggity Offline
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So I have another Advanced Launcher PC games question. I have Kodi set up with a script to launch with windows startup and always be on top. For most of my pc games I have a simple batch file that closes Kodi (As it's always on top, but this leads to the problem later) starts the game, waits for the game to be closed, and then relaunches Kodi. Works fine in most cases, however if the game has a launcher (ex. uplay, origin) the script starts launching the game, immediately relaunches Kodi, and the game starts in the background as Kodi is always on top. I have to manually quit Kodi and restart it when this happens which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the bat file and keeping Kodi as my main htpc front end.

Here is the example bat file for DA:I that has this problem. Please keep in mind that my programming skills are limited and you're much better at it then I am if you're answering my question:

pskill Kodi.exe

cd /d "I:\Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\"
start /max /wait DragonAgeInquisition.exe

cd /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\"
start /max Kodi.exe
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TomFreeloader Offline
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(2014-03-04 03:27)Angelscry Wrote:  
(2014-03-03 23:09)russianheman Wrote:  I created and renamed txt files and changed their extensions. Advanced Launcher now is able to import the games, but they will not launch. When selected, the cmd screen flashes real quick, but ScummVM does not launch. I give up. I'll just have Advanced Launcher launch ScummVm, and use ScummV's GUI to load the games.
Ouppps... I think with this ScummVM the argument must be the name of the game as it is recognized by ScummVM... but not be the real name or the folder path : http://scummvm.svn.sourceforge.net/viewv...iew=markup

For example for Maniac Mansion the fake filename must be maniac.scu and not Maniac Mansion.scu.

And so the the launcher setup must be more like this :

Application: C:\Games\LucasArts\scummvm.exe
Argument: -f -p"%rompath%" %romname%
Extension: scu

THANK YOU for the ScummVM game naming list. I have been looking for that all day now! Cool
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daruda Offline
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Hi - The respository seems to be broken. I get a forbidden error when accessing http://www.gwenael.org/Repository/addons.xml. Can someone take a look?
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Angelscry Offline
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Advanced Launcher will not be provided anymore on my repo, but you can always download the last version here : https://github.com/Angelscry/plugin.prog...d.launcher
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utsusemi Offline
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I noticed while modding a skin for Advanced Launcher views that the ListItem.Overlay is currently set incorrectly. It should set ListItem.Overlay to 4 for Unwatched and 5 for Watched (instead of 6 and 7 in the plugin python code). I imagine the enum for the overlay has changed in recent versions of Kodi, which caused the break. For reference, the current enum is as follows:

enum GUIIconOverlay { ICON_OVERLAY_NONE = 0,
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7007h4k32 Offline
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Thank you, Angelscry, for your efforts on this addon. It works perfectly! ~Jim
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