[CLOSED] Advanced Launcher - Applications Launcher Addon for XBMC

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run088 Offline
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(2016-01-16 12:50)run088 Wrote:  Is it possible to path substitute the launcher.xml?


I run the same setup on 6 different kodi machines. If anyone knows how to get path substitution to work on the launchers.xml it would really help me out.

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dcquence Offline
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(2016-01-16 06:06)Rufoo Wrote:  
(2016-01-16 05:44)dcquence Wrote:  I am using Mimic skin with google mainly but I have tried all the scrapers. It works fine for say SNES, Genesis and NEO GEO but never for Standalone Launchers aka PC games.

I tried switching to default skins when this first happened as well as running Kodi as admin, even doing a full re-install and deleting C:\users\dcquence\appdata\roaming\kodi

Try using your PC games not as a standalone launcher but the same as an emulator. So have .lnk files to your PC exes and use Explorer.exe as your launcher application. Try performing scrapes under this setup and report the results. Smile

So, I tried this and got the exact same result. It tries to import then says no image found

Here is the full debug log of going to Advanced Launcher and scanning Lego Marvel's Avengers.

Edit: I just realized, my python version is 3.5, does the addon require 2.7?
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dcquence Offline
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Not sure which single item fixed it but thought I should post my solution.

I uninstalled AL and any left over files/folders
I uninstalled Python 3.5 and cleaned up any leftover
I re-installed Python 2.7 and added C:\Python27; to my $PATH
I re-installed AL and added all games as Emulator with explorer.exe as Emu and lnk as rom files with all lnks in C:\Games

All scraping working now.

Seems like it was Python causing the issue. What sucks because my NHLStreams add-on seems to require Python 3.5.
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