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[RELEASE] Cinema Experience - the new Home Theater Experience Script

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andrewf Online
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(2015-02-17 18:53)andrewf Wrote:  Phew....well that's page 220 to here caught up at last...3 large post its with tips I didn't know but no answer to my query..so here goes..

CE works fine for my 2D movies. Having just got DVDFab I've now added in a 3D version of Gravity to test and sadly cant get everything to work.

Currently when I select a 3D movie, I have feature presentation, ratings and audio set up just to test - 2D folders and 3D folders.

The script starts and it does recognise that I playing a 3D movie and it shows all of these in SBS mode, however all it shows are videos from my 2D folders and then the film in 3D sbs......?? It misses all my 3D intros, rating and audio videos....

I've set everything up but perhaps I have the wrong folders or naming conventions so can I confirm...

Film is Gravity.bluray.3d.sbs.mkv - Kodi recognises and plays in SBS correctly in normal and CE modes Smile

Ratings - I have in 3D from Cinemavision site- I've changed to AVI extension from MP4 and placed in their own folder called Ratings 3D, then sub folder for UK just as I have for 2D films. Then in that folder I have eg PG.AVI. Is this right? I've tried PG.3d.sbs.AVI too but that didn't get picked up either. I have the 3D section of the script pointing to this folder.

Confused whether the script needs to recognise that the extras such as Ratings are in 3D from including 3D.sbs like I do for my movies or whether it just sets up in sbs viewing mode (my set method) knowing I have a 3D movie in play as seems to be the case?

Also how does the script know to choose the 3D files in stead of the 2D ones?

I wondered whether I need to have all 2D disabled for the 3D only parts to work? But then slides are not in 3D and I wouldn't want to lose them just cause I am watching a 3D movie.....

Audio and Intro videos have the same issue as above and so same question

Cheers Andy


Anyone any tips on my query above...still cant get it to recognise my 3D ratings, audio etc...only the film itself?

Cheers Andy
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jw6412 Offline
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Hi There,
Is there a skin that automatically displays Cinema Play option without having to go to the movie information menu?
Thank you so much!
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RagnaroktA Offline
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(2015-02-25 06:05)jw6412 Wrote:  Hi There,
Is there a skin that automatically displays Cinema Play option without having to go to the movie information menu?
Thank you so much!

You can use the "Override Play Button" option to have it default to CE.

[Image: cinemavision_paypal_enhanced.png]
Ratings Videos, Introduction Videos, Trivia Slides and more...

CinemaVision for Cinema Experience | Cinema Experience Wiki
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horstepipe Offline
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do "local folder" trailers work for you?
I mapped a folder, but trailers are always being streamed from the internet. When I choose Apple trailers, they don't work at all. I'm using the version from git, 'cause the version from repo immediatley chrashes when a movie starts.
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horstepipe Offline
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(2015-02-16 13:33)Maza Wrote:  I have some new info regarding the freezing issue that that some people including myself experience see log http://pastebin.com/h6ZeLxN4
It seems that the cinema experience script won't lock up if start Kodi and play a video file first.

Start Kodi play movie using Cinema Experience = FAIL

Start Kodi play a video then proceed to play a movie using Cinema Experience and you are good to go.

I don't know why this happens, but it seems to work by playing a video first, please note you don't have to play an entire video just play and stop is sufficient enough.

ok with this "trick" the version from repo works for me, too.
No one here who knows the reason for that strange behaviour?
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lammyoflyd Offline
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hi guys. i'm trying to get the home automation portion of the app working so ive got a couple of questions.

firstly, do i need to copy the homeautomation.py script anywhere or does it automatically create itself?

secondly, i'm struggling to use the xbmc event reciever within eventghost, is it possible to use the xbmc2 plugin? keep getting the error:

connection error

is this be something to do with the fact that im using the most up to date version of kodi?

thanks in advanced
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itsratso Offline
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I have not gotten this to work, every time I click the cin ex button kodi freezes and I have to reboot my computer to get it going again. I am trying to play a random intro video before my main movie and that is all I want from cin ex. I have my folders set up videos > coming attractions intro > videos in here. that did not work. I also tried videos > coming attractions intro ( and also in videos folder) audio > dolby folder, dolbytruehd folder, dts folder, dtshd-ma folder, other folder. I have tried placing the videos in these various audio folders and same no go. the movies are avi files and I don't know what audio format they are, they are two channel mixes. do I need to include the other 9 folders in my directory even though I will not be using those features (ex. trivia intro folder?). any ideas? Sad

edit: I should have read the post just above this Big Grin I can confirm that it is happening to me too. I am using MQ5 btw. if I start a movie, stop it, then hit cin ex button it will play my intro movie. it seems to be not playing a random vid, just the same one over and over, but I will play around with the file system and hopefully fix that (fixed, had it right all along just needed to restart it).
(This post was last modified: Yesterday 23:25 by itsratso.)
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