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[RELEASE] Cinema Experience - the new Home Theater Experience Script

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michaeldecharon Offline
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Location: Netherlands
Post: #4216
I'm trying for day's now to figure out how to send a http command from within home_automation.py

I'm using a http command to execute an device in homeseer: http://[myipadres]/HomeSeer_REST_API.aspx?function=setdevicebyid&param1=309&param2=ON

if trigger == "Script Start" and ha_settings[ "ha_script_start" ]:
# place code below this line

myipadres is my local ipadres from Homeseer so no need for username and password

when I enter this url in my browser the device will switch on

is it not possible to fire an url command from within the home_automation.py script?

Any help is very welcome!
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p3r02d3r0 Offline
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Post: #4217
Hi all,

I have an issue with the Cinema Experience on Isengard. The first time I start the movie with Cinema Experience, it works. When I want to start another movie with it, nothing happens.

Also, I noticed it doesn't work with Aeon MQ6 when you want to start the movie with Cinema Ex from the main menu.

Any ideas? Thanks
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Lampy007 Offline
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hi guys;

I have put this in for KODI 15.1

<control type="button" id="13">
<description>Home Cinema Experience</description>

the <label>Cinema</label> button is there but when I click it, it seems like it searches for the movie I am thinking this "<onclick>RunScript(special://home/addons/script.cinema.experience/addon.py)</onclick>" has changed between xbmc and kodi just wondering if anyone here is able to update it for me so this will work?? thanks in advance
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