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MychaelP Offline
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Post: #4246
My point about the add-on not being dead appears to not have been stated properly and I apologize about that.
I really did not feel the term "Dead" meant it simply wasn't being worked on anymore. I usually associated "Dead" with done, not used, not alive, or useless. When I look for a deal and it's not available, I see the term "Dead" noted.
I simply wanted to point out that the add-on works, and works great for me. The new "replacement" for this add-on may be great one day, but right now most won't be able to use it easily.
Again, I apologize to those who may have misunderstood, and I most likely did not state my thoughts very well. I can admit that.
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HomeTheatreGuru Online
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(2015-10-18 21:15)MychaelP Wrote:  I simply wanted to point out that the add-on works, and works great for me. The new "replacement" for this add-on may be great one day, but right now most won't be able to use it easily.

Trouble is that CE will be dropped completely as skins update over time.

Aeon MQ6 just released their latest beta skin and amongst other changes it says in the change-log that CE has been removed completely while CV was added as a replacement. So CV is now officially integrated into the skin and CE is gone. Other skins are likely to do the same.

For you to stick with CE inevitably means that you will eventually be unable to update your skin. Hence, there is no point updating your existing CE setup unless you want to be left behind.
(This post was last modified: 2015-10-19 04:35 by HomeTheatreGuru.)
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matt0 Offline
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Post: #4248
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all involved in CE over the years. I haven't been an 'active' member of the community but have quietly used all the help in getting my setup running a dream for the last couple of years.
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giftie Offline
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Post: #4249
(2015-10-16 21:44)CinemaVision-Scott Wrote:  
(2015-10-16 21:27)MychaelP Wrote:  
(2015-10-13 14:46)HomeTheatreGuru Wrote:  Guys, this add-on is dead. Cinema Vision is the spiritual successor.
How is that a constructive post? I have XBMC 13 on my AFTV running the Ace skin along with CE and it works perfectly. Reading through posts from others with AFTV and newer versions of Kodi seems it doesn't always work out too well, so I've stuck with what works and works well.
So how is this add-on dead? If it's dead, then a dead add-on works perfectly in my home theater. I have no plans to update every other month my programs.
Thanks to all who have posted here with tips, and help when needed. I love my XBMC setup and the great CE experience is loved by all my visitors. Can't even get CV to be an official addon to work with many skins at all yet, so why "experiment"?

By "dead" he means that giftie, who maintained Cinema Experience, has been MIA for quite some time and has not been updating CE for use with the later versions of Kodi. That's not to say CE doesn't work, but it hasn't been maintained. Personally, I just hope giftie is alright. His disappearance was pretty sudden. Of course, you're absolutely welcome to use whatever you want. I think HomeTheatreGuru was expressing his opinion, while trying to help users who may be running newer versions of Kodi that have known issues with CE. I'm not sure what issues folks have with Kodi 15 on Amazon Fire TV, but the few users we have using Fire TV don't seem to have any issues.

I'm not really sure what you're getting at, to be honest. CinemaVision is still in beta, a stable beta, but a beta nonetheless. You can't expect skinners with stable skins to immediately add support for a beta add-on that, until recently, has been in a constant state of change. We'll be submitting to the official Kodi Repository soon, and I'd expect skins to add support after that. We already have several skins that support CV in the current state, including Aeon MQ6, Arctic: Zephyr, Mimic, Rapier and that list keeps growing. Not to mention that in Kodi 15+, with the CinemaVision Launcher add-on you don't have to rely on skin support anymore.

What we did with CinemaVision is what I personally talked to giftie about doing with CE before he disappeared. Last we talked, he was working on a complete rewrite using some of our ideas. We've done our absolute best to carry on that legacy and frankly, I don't appreciate you flaming what we've all worked very hard to build. If you have something constructive to say, feel free to respond.

This is not the place, or the way to go about addressing whatever loyalty you have to a particular add-on. There's no competition here between CE and CV, and I personally consider giftie a friend, and an asset to this community.
Happy to say I'm still alive and kicking, not much time to program anymore though.. Happy for someone to provide a continuation of providing the feel of the cinema at home..

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CinemaVision-Scott Offline
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(2016-01-28 07:32)giftie Wrote:  Happy to say I'm still alive and kicking, not much time to program anymore though.. Happy for someone to provide a continuation of providing the feel of the cinema at home..

So glad you're alright, sir. Just replied to your PM. If you ever get time, and if you're interested, I'd love for you to be a part of CinemaVision. Even if it's lending ideas and not coding, or even nothing at all, you're a part of it if you want to be involved or not. Big Grin Good to have you back!

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Dave the Minion Offline
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Post: #4251
Gifite lives! Huzzah!

Good to hear you're still out there. Can't thank you enough for all the work you put into CE as it's lead to so much awesome fun (and horrible frustration) with XBMC/Kodi for me. I sent you a PM awhile ago so feel free to respond if you like.

In your absence Scott has taken the idea of CE and made CV like man walking on the moon from CE's allowing man to fly.
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adenicol Offline
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Post: #4252
I have been using Cinema Experience for quite some time now and I have been streaming the trailers from the internet. Recently I have been having buffering issues and decided to just start placing them on my hard drive so they would stream seamlessly. I am writing a php script to do that (if anyone wants a copy when it is done). However, I am having one problem and that is with the ratings and genre's right now.

When I go to set up Cinema Experience to play the trailers I have have it play them with no restrictions on them. If I set it to play either by genre or rating, it won't play anything. I have over 100 trailers in all sorts of different genre's and ratings but I do no know what I am doing wrong.

Here is an example of my setup:

/trailers is the folder for the trailers
A_Perfect_Day_Trailer-trailer.mov is the movie trailer
A_Perfect_Day_Trailer-trailer.nfo is the movie trailers's xml file.

Inside the .nfo is:
Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<movieinfo id="tt3577624">
<title>A Perfect Day</title>
<runtime>106 min</runtime>
<releasedate>15 Jan 2016</releasedate>
<director>Fernando León de Aranoa</director>
<plot>A group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone.</plot>

I have also tried naming the info file as A_Perfect_Day_Trailer.nfo

Here is another one:

Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<movieinfo id="tt1837562">
<title>A Royal Night Out</title>
<runtime>97 min</runtime>
<releasedate>04 Dec 2015</releasedate>
<genre>Drama, Romance</genre>
<director>Julian Jarrold</director>
<plot>On V.E. Day in 1945, as peace extends across Europe, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are allowed out to join the celebrations. It is a night full of excitement, danger and the first flutters of romance.</plot>

On another note, can I have spaces in the file names or am I better off just to use the underscores? this is running on a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 box.

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tadick Offline
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Post: #4253

I have some problems with the latest CE on Kodi 15.2..

Intermissions are checked and the correct path is given, but they were not played.

Altough the rating clips are not played. I put them in .../Ratings/FSK/ and named them 12.AVI, in CE I gave the path ../Ratings/. Are these the correct values?

Thx in advance.
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