Linux - HOW-TO watch Live TV in XBMC for Linux with Tvheadend, the easy way!

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Jbravo Offline
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In case someone is interested, I got Tvheadend up and running on the Raspberry Pi, using a cheap DVB- T USB stick :-)

Just to follow the official instructions here;

A tip is to build and install deb packages;

CPU average on the RPi when streaming one channel is about 20% (RPi modest overclocked). XBMC is running on another device.
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danz0l Offline
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Installed as in post 1 and everything working as it should accept the recordings tab on the LIVE TV. It displays recordings made but won't play them. Looking into the tvheadend log i see

Oct 04 14:44:59 HTTP: -- 404

I am running htvheadend HTSP Client V1.00 and tvheadend HTS Tvheadend 3.3.7.gbe6c0, any ideas ?

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magicaurel Offline
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I am trying to install tvheadend on my NAS to watch futubox channels.

The installation worked well, but I struggle to configure it to work with futubox channels, it doesn't seem to connect to it.
Did anybody got it working with futubox?

here is what the futubox stream looks like: rtsp:\\\fb\

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luisnrkl Offline
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I'm currently using XBMC with raspberry pi and would like to connect it to my analog tv signal with Tvheadend.

Is there any good tv tuner compatible with both raspberry pi and Tvheadend using analog?

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clarkbar Offline
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i have a jail broken apple2tv 4.4.4. and purchased from ebay last february

i did not know live tv is even possible with my unit which is interesting but i have my fios carrier so that does not concern me.
i have not used my apple2 tv for quite some time and i believe thare are updates or i have updated incorrectly thus feel the full potential of accessing its capabilitoes have been compromised considerably.
is it possible since i am not to technically involved with compiters and my apple2 tv to directly contact you for assistance please? all i mostly interestyed is to acquire old tv shows and old movies upon a thoriugh library.
please respond to me at my email address at: [email protected]
ichose you due to your keen knowledge from this posting
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-> that means no cardsharing or discussion about cardsharing software. posts removed

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Ruschi Offline
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can someone help an ubuntu-newbie ...why TVHeadend doesn´t find my 2 Adapters of the DD Cine S2 TV card?!
The driver is in the kernel..

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