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MKANET Offline
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Thanks for the quick reply! Actually, the Wiki was the first place I looked. It wasn't clear to me if TV show/Movie progress is synched even when using the normal Kodi player (Playback of TV show via Main Menu\TV shows) or not.

I already asked if what I want can be done via the trakt plugin for Kod; and, just found out that it can't.

(2015-05-05 20:14)mentat Wrote:  
(2015-05-05 19:28)MKANET Wrote:  I just want to make sure this is the right addon for me to install on Kodi.

Does this addon automatically synch (push and pull) TV show progress (minutes remaining for a TV show to end) with Plex? I've tried doing this with the trakt.tv plugin; but, all it does is just toggle the Watched status.

All I want to do is just continue watching a TV show where I left it off; whether it's in Plex or Kodi.

Here's the official wiki page ...

PleXBMC (wiki)

In my own words ...

PleXBMC is a Plex client that runs as a video add-on in KODI and works like any other Plex client (running on Android, Roku, Web browser, etc).

It plays media from your Plex server and will keep track of your progress on the Plex server (so you can continue watching on any other Plex client connected to the same server).

Optionally, you can install the trakt plugin on your Plex and/or KODI server to report (track) what you watch on the trakt database (independently).

Personally, I do not use the trakt plugin.

More on PleXBMC here ...


I hope this helps.
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waynelod Offline
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Hi guys. I am having an issue with Plexbmc (actually have Beta 4 but its the same with all version 3 that I've tried). When I go to play Live Tv / Channels it just stops after half a second - although all films / tv shows are running fine. Im running Helix 14.2 via Openelec. They channels play perfectly on my iPhone and Smart TV - but for some reason not on my Kodi Box. Ive tried tweaking playback but no joy. Any ideas please ? Thank you
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meka Offline
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Post: #513
Does the "Toggle Repeat" button work in PleXBMC? I've tried to configure it via the Keymap Editor but it doesn't work toggling the button during playback while playing Plex videos.
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geektbee Offline
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Post: #514
I guess this is the best place to post this.

It's 2015.... how do I change the Barkley background for the "TV Shows" menus?
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hollyt9 Offline
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Can anyone help me with creating a menu shortcut to the TV library?

I followed the post here, which hippojay provided a shortcut to "all movies"
Creating a menu shortcut with the above, (with my own IP and section number), works like a charm and takes me directly to "all movies", but for the life of me I cannot get a shortcut to TV shows to work.

I created this shortcut which takes me to "all tv shows"
This gives me a list of all shows and I can click on titles and see the individual seasons, but clicking on a season folder just returns an empty list.
So I get something like this...

Battlestar Galactica > Season 1 > ...

Any ideas?
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CrankyCraig Offline
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Post: #516
Anyone else here unable to change the background for all (not just some) of their libraries? I'm only able to change them for the first 11. After that, I'm stuck with the default.

Can this be changed?
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touser Offline
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I just started investigating using plex to deal with transcoding HEVC content I have that isn't playable by some of my hardware. When using the official plex apps on any platform if the playback device is capable of decoding the file the server does not do any transcoding. When using plexbmc my device (rpi2) is being sent the original hevc content and isn't able to decode it when it should be getting transcoded automatically. I know i can force transcoding for all media in the plugin setting but i'd really prefer to avoid that. Is there a way to only transcode media the playback device isn't capable of decoding automatically like the official clients? Thanks!
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mika91 Offline
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Post: #518

I just migrated my all-in-one whs2011 server/media center to a separate OMV NAS + RPi2 solution.
It's working, but I have huge slowness while trying to browse my DSLR photos.
So I'm wondering if using PLEX could improve it, as pictures thumbnails/caching process should be done by the NAS.

Do you think it's a good idea?
Any advice or tweaks?
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asr10 user Offline
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Post: #519
Hey guys

I am trying to fully cut the cord and Plex on Kodi was a big part of that decision, however im running into some issues.

I have a Plex Server that I access remotely(NOT premium plex account), I can access the server and my media from all of my devices away from the network. No problems with Plex.

Problem is, I am trying to setup Kodi with Plexbmc and seems like no matter what credentials I enter, I just cannot connect to my PMS.
I enter my external IP, external Port, proper credentials. Just get an error that Plex cant launch.

Any ideas? Do I need a premium Plex account? Does external PMS not work yet:?
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