HOW-TO Play Live TV/Internet Video in XBMC (including some sample streams!)

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wyatt_clayton Offline
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I am using Streaming Video Provider for over a year now, I have a Internet TV 24/7 running on their servers -hilghly recommend them:
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Lisa_ Offline
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(2015-07-14 14:33)wyatt_clayton Wrote:  I am using Streaming Video Provider for over a year now, I have a Internet TV 24/7 running on their servers -hilghly recommend them:

I followed the link didn't really understand what it was clicked on the video figured it might explain the system the guy says about 5 words the video stops then the little swirl popups up for about 15-20 seconds then the guy says another 5 words and stops, they cant ever stream a demo video.... Got to listen to about 20 seconds of the video, haven't had video streaming problems in about 5 years went right to youtube and streamed 3 videos at the same time doubt its on my end.
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DVRfun Offline
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Is there a simple way to add xmltv data for IPTV add-on?
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tvjpn102 Offline
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hi!, i need some help to make work this stream in kodi (like playlist, xml or strm file):

i'm trying using coojah to extract the streaming data but when i want to navigate with the coojah active my firefox is blocked and nothing happend, so i'm using the rtmpdump to extract the data of the streaming and this is what i have:

for VOD programs:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "vod" -f "WIN 18,0,0,209" -W "h
=es&stamp=2&autoplay=1&embedded=0&nobtplist=1&nobtfwd=1&nobtback=1&nopbar=1" -p
ack=1&nobtfwd=1&nobtplist=1&nopbar=1&embedded=0&autoplay=1" -y "mp4:clip_2041_14
40964761_hq.mp4" -o mp4_clip_2041_1440964761_hq.flv

for live programs:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "tercermilenio/" -f "WIN 18,0
,0,209" -W "" -p "http://conceptoweb-" -y ":videotercermilenio" -o _videotercermilenio.flv

This streaming is working in 2 diferent forms, in some hours is in VOD format and in other hours they have live programs, so i need to extract 2 diferents streamings for when they have recorded programs watch one stream and when they have live program watch it in other stream.

Thank you if someone can help me to extract the correct data with the coojah and recopiled in a mode like kodi can play it Smile
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mcrs Offline
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Hello, I have a question.
Is there a way to assign the icon to the stream (one icon = one channel for all items in .strm playlist) and show all the icons in Kodi GUI in a big list mode?
If Kodi does not provide functionality with streaming playlists except for playing it straight, is there a specific plugin for organizing and decorating the streaming playlists?
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skarragallagher Offline
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Was wondering if there was a way to make my STRM files show as watched or unwatched?
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