Pick the Right Kodi Box (UPDATED FEB 2015)

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(2015-05-26 23:03)Matt Devo Wrote:  
(2015-05-26 22:45)Tigerman82 Wrote:  I was about to pull the trigger on the Asus Chromebox (want to connect it to my TV and install Kodibuntu to stream flash-based movies) but the MSI Cubi pride drops seem tempting. Does the Asus Chromebox have any edge over the MSI Cubi? Obviously I would miss the great E-Z Setup greated for the Chromebox (I'm not used to installing Linux/Kodi).

the Cubi is one generation newer than the ChromeBox (Broadwell vs Haswell), but outside of GPU-assisted HEVC decoding on Windows, the hardware differences are negligible. And outside of flashing the custom firmware on the ChromeBox, installation of OpenELEC/Kodibuntu is identical - just install from USB media.

If you're going to run Linux, the Cubi doesn't have any real performance advantage. When the Cubi is selling at normal price ($150 barebones), the ChromeBox is the better buy if you don't need a larger SSD.

I need to make a final decision between the zotac bi320 barebone (adding 4 GB ram and 64 ssd) and the MSI cubi. The cubi is 30 euros more total. Is this worth the better CPU and msata option?

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If you are running Windows and want to decode 1080p HEVC using a hybrid mix of Broadwell hardware decode and software then spend the extra money. Aesthetics wise the MSI is the nicer box.
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