Pick the Right Kodi Box (UPDATED FEB 2015)

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there is another device you can use for kodi, it is the flareplay console which you can jailbreak and bring back to a stock android. you can buy it on Amazon or directly on the flareplay.com site....i think buy.com sells those as well.
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Hi guys

I am putting together a system for my inlaws new house. For reference, I have been using the Minix X8 myself and am happy with it.

I prefer not to have Windows running, I do not want to have to go over there all the time to install updates and deal with random reboots etc. I want their experience to be as close to running netflix off the smart tv as possible.

They will have a 4K 70" tv with 1080p and 720p mkvs streamed from a wired local NAS. As time passes they will be watching 4K content as it comes out. The box will be hidden in a cabinet with an IR repeater sending signals back. They will most likely be using a harmony remote.

Pretty much i just want the box to have Kodi running 24/7 so they can switch back and forth between cable and Kodi seamlessly.

Does the ChromeOS run like the android boxes? What should I expect from using an ASUS Chromebox vs the Minix? budget is like 200-300CDN


Edit: if there is a decent 4K receiver worth recommending that would be great.
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(Yesterday 19:46)distracto Wrote:  Does the ChromeOS run like the android boxes? What should I expect from using an ASUS Chromebox vs the Minix? budget is like 200-300CDN
Most of us using Chromeboxes are not using ChromeOS - we're using OpenElec usually (in some cases Kodibuntu). Some people are dual booting ChromeOS and OpenElec or Kodibuntu.

OpenElec on a Celeron 2955U Chromebox is very good indeed. Snappy, high quality video output (refresh rate switching, proper support of 23.976/59.94 refresh rate output, high quality deinterlacing), high quality audio with HD Audio bitstreamed. The bare BIOS boots very quickly and the standard SSD is snappy for boot purposes. Built in bluetooth means you can use a PS3 Blu-ray remote with no IR line-of-sight requirements or need for a USB IR receiver dongle.
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Hello everybody,

I want to replace my Kodibox (Ouya at the moment) with a new one. My setup is Kodibox --> AVR with 5.1 sound system --> TV (everything connected via HDMI).
What I need:

- 1080p
- 1080p24
- full BRRip playback
- support of (forced) subtitles
- HEVC (I read that the intel processors only support 8-bit HEVC decoding. As I understand it 8-Bit / 10-Bit refers to the colorformat. So a 10bit HEVC will always have better pictures than a 8bit file - is this correct? Is there any device that can play 10bit HEVC files without problems?)
- 3D (I sometimes watch 3D movies - I know there is a different between HSBS and Frame-Packed. Frame-Packed is only used by a really low number of kodiboxes (e.g. HiMedia Q5) but do you really see a difference on a normal TV HSBS compared to frame-packed? So will the 3D picture of the HiMedia Q5 always be better than the SATV or WeTek Core e.g.? I have an active 3D display if this makes any difference
- HD Audio would be great but I don't care if the AVR shows it or if it shows PCM. But I guess i could also live without it if needed as I am not sure if I really can hear a difference between DTS and DTS-HD. I think I have a quite good sound system (Q Acoustics and Pioneer SC-2022) but I am still not sure so no Killer-Need Wink
- Possibility to use Sky Go would be great (no killer-need)
- Possibility to use Netflix with 1080p and 5.1 Sound would be great (no killer-need).
- Files are accessed from a NAS if this is important (At the moment with NFS but I heard SMB would be better - is this correct?)
- Budget is not a problem - I rather spend more and have a great system than to have lots of problems (to give you a number I think anything over 250$ is overpriced for my purposes Smile )
- Compatibility with the Logitech Smart Control would be nice
- About the OS I don't really care (guess there are the three options openelec, windows and Android) - I will use the OS which is running without problems and enables me to use the features I need.
- HDMI-CEC would be great
- noise shouldn't be too loud as I cannot hide it anywhere.

My current list looks like this:

- Nvidia Android Shield TV (I have already Android Smartphone and Tablet if this makes any difference)
- WeTek Core
- Chromebox
- Asrock Beebox

I read a lot in the different device threads about each of them but I just don't know which is the best one for me or if I should wait for new devices with Kabylake for example.
Any help is really appreciated Smile

Thanks a lot!
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Yes, there is a difference between half-rez 3D and full, framepacked 3D, which is double the resolution.
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