[RELEASE] The Big Pictures

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I fixed the add-on and uploaded the fixed version you should receive an update shortly (max 24h).

Here is the changelog (everything should now work again)
- fixed The Big Picture Scraper (thx to Tobias K├╝hne)
- fixed AtlanticInFocus Scraper
- fixed SacBeeFrame Scraper
- fixed WallStreetJournal Scraper
- fixed TotallyCoolPix Scraper
- removed TimeLightbox Scraper
- removed NewYorkTimesLens Scraper
- improved performance on weak machines in The Big Picture and Atlantic in Focus


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(2014-08-21 04:14)htpcero Wrote:  This is one of the best xbmc addons - thanks to the devs!

TheBigPicture has been working great for years. However since somewhere in the Gotham cycle, there is a minor annoyance.

Using XBMC (13.1 stable) - default theme (confluence), I added this add-on as a "Shortcut" in the Home Screen so that it shows up right below "Pictures" in XBMC's main screen.

Selecting the addon icon and presing "OK" in the remote launches the addon shortcut. This used to work just fine with TheBigPicture, but no longer does. Now clicking on the TBP shortcut produces no results. All other shortcuts (including Flickr) work just fine, only TBP broke somehow.

Tried removing the add-on, erasing the addon's folder and reinstalling, removing and re-adding the shortcut, etc etc, with no avail, The shortcut just refuses to work.

Any idea of what could be happening?
I'm using Kodi 15 Isengard, but I had the same experience. The Big Picture runs fine when run from the Picture Add-ons window, but couldn't get it to run from the Addon Information dialog or from a custom submenu item.

I was able to fix my submenu action by changing it from RunAddOn() to RunScript(). Not sure if it is an issue with the addon, Kodi, or SkinShortcuts.

Sphere...thanks for a very cool addon. Smile

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