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Hey Popeye,

I really appreciate your work on this addon. I've been using it since before the name change.

I do like how you've broken out the addons, it must make development a lot easier with the modularity.

For the others, I wanted to post some details on how to set it up with usenet crawler.

Things you need:

Log into usenet crawler website and click your username. Then on that page, it will show you what your api/rss key is.

Copy that key into a text document.

Next, we need your sabnzb API key. So, find your sabnzb web interface: (if you installed it on your own computer)

Then go to Config -> General

Then in that menu, you need to copy the API key to your text document

Then go to Config -> Special
Make sure allow_streaming has a checkbox checked next to it
If not, check the check box and save your settings

UPDATE - this has to be done through the ini file, then restart sabnzbd

All configuration data is stored in the so-called INI file. Which INI file used, you can see on the Configuration main page.
The default location is:

Windows XP/2003 c:\documents and settings\user\local data\application data\sabnzbd\sabnzbd.ini
Windows Vista or 7 c:\Users\user\AppData\Local\sabnzbd\sabnzbd.ini
Unix $HOME/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini
OSX /Users/user/Library/Application Support/SABnzbd/sabnzbd.ini

Then go to Config -> Folders
Temporary Download Folder = Change it to a new folder name: ex.
The reason for this is the app got a little confused last time when I had a bunch of old junk in my incomplete folder, so this starts it fresh.
Save Changes

Next, download Popeyes repository from the first page in this thread. In Kodi, go to settings -> addons

Then choose install addon from zip file. Then navigate to where you downloaded that zip file. Users -> YourName -> Downloads -> repository.popeye-1.0.1.zip

Once installed:

In Kodi main screen:

System -> Addons -> Get Addons -> Popeye's Repo ->

Then, Program Add-ons -> Pneumatic (install it)
Program Add-ons -> SABnzbd (install it)

Then go back
Video Add-Ons -> Newznab (install it)
Video Add-Ons -> NzbTV (install it)

Ok, now configure SABnzb addon:

From Kodi Main Screen

System -> Add-ons -> Get Addons -> Popeye's Repo ->Program Add-ons ->

Right click and choose configure on SABnzbd

SABnzbIP = (or what the IP address you used eariler is)
SABnzbAPI Key = paste it in

Then hit OK

Ok, now configure Newznab addon (this is just the thing that gets your usenet website information; newznab is a template type site for nzb browsing and indexing like wordpress is for blogs):

From Kodi Main Screen

System -> Add-ons -> Get Addons -> Popeye's Repo ->Video Add-ons ->

Click Newznab and choose configure:

Choose Site1

Display Name = Usenet Crawler
Site api URL = usenet-crawler.com/api
Site rss url = ignore
Use HTTPS = leave radio button blue
Site id (i) = ignore
Site 1 = paste that api key you got eariler

Click OK

Ok, now configure Pneumatic addon:

From Kodi Main Screen

System -> Add-ons -> Get Addons -> Popeye's Repo ->Program Add-ons ->

Right click and choose configure on Pnuematic.

General -> SABnzbd -> SABnzbd incomplete folder
This was C:\Users\Myself\Downloads\incomplete2
or whatever folder you set it to

Now, give it a test:

Kodi Main Screen

Videos -> Addons -> Newznab

Once you click on it you'll get a menu of a bunch of stuff

Go to TV -> (SubItem) SD

A list of SD TV shows appear

Click on the first one tv show you see like Dexter S02E011

Be Patient! Only click once! There is a API webservice call that's happening, so don't over click or your downloads will bunch up and cause chaos!

About 3 seconds later, a screen will pop up with the progress bar moving and text displaying what % complete the download is.

Then magically, it will start streaming. The video will play until the end. If you want to stop and resume your movie, just browse for it at C:\Users\Myself\Downloads\incomplete2

That will set everyone off to a good start.

Once the download is a certain partial amount (
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