XBMC.MyLibrary - Scan any source to the library (Hulu/Netflix/Plugins)

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steve55792 Offline
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Is this program still work? I havent used it for while.
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twiseva Offline
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(2016-02-12 23:18)jcato Wrote:  I know this program is a little past its prime, but it still works pretty well. Except for an issue I have with Netflix. Maybe someone found a solution.

Netflix's episode number doesn't always match theTVDB's number. For example, season 3 of Airwolf. Netflix has episode 6 as Annie Oakley and TVDB has it as episode 8. Kingdom Come is episode 6. So, I tried this:
            <subfolder name="Netflix/My List/Airwolf" force_series="Airwolf" type="episodes" suffix=" (Netflix)" >
                    <regexp>(S\d\dE\d\d) ([\s\S*]*)</regexp> <!-- ex: "SxxExx Title of the Episode" -->

02/12/2016 02:40:21 PM WARN    Arvhiving        Title cannot be found, it was expected to be found after one of [ - , : , :, -,  : ,  -- , .] in the file label "S03E06 Annie Oakley"
02/12/2016 02:40:21 PM INFO    MetaData         Queueing new meta-data change: type=SUFFIX, value= (Netflix), file=\\\Streams\MyLibrary\TV Shows\Airwolf\Season.3\S03E06 - S03E06 Annie Oakley.strm
02/12/2016 02:40:21 PM INFO    Archive:New      \\\Streams\MyLibrary\TV Shows\Airwolf\Season.3\S03E06 - S03E06 Annie Oakley.strm (Playon/Netflix/My List/Airwolf/Season 3/S03E06 Annie Oakley)

I hoped it would parse out the series as S03E06 and the title as 'Annie Oakley'. Then, force the series to Airwolf and search for 'Annie Oakley' and get s03e08. But, that didn't happen.

I'm surprised I couldn't find anything about this in the 99 pages here. I find this problem in lots of Netflix series.

Did you ever get this regexp to work? I have tried similar and it basically is being ignored it seems ... Same situation here. Netflix TV shows have no '-' separating them which MyLibrary seems to need.
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wickemu Offline
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I'm trying to get Doctor Who (2005) to parse correctly but am unsure how to go about it. Amazon sorts them like this (using S02E01 as an example): "TV Shows/Doctor Who Season 2/Season 201/S201E01 [etc]". How can I edit this so that it changes these 3-digit seasons into the standard format?

To make matters more complicated, season 7 is split into two parts.
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