Good skin for young XBMC users?

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ronie Offline
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ctyonahl Wrote:I'm looking for a simple, minimalistic skin that the kids can navigate XBMC with really easily
paul Wrote:Re focus.
dtviewer Wrote:confluence
mcborzu Wrote:any skin
>>X<< Wrote:Xperience
pecinko Wrote:NOX
rflores2323 Wrote:neon
garyi Wrote:Ellipsis or Alaska

XBMC: 'kid friendly skins' is our middle name!

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dtviewer Offline
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As nice as all these solutions are, I still believe there would be a huge audience for a striped down, purpose built skin for children.
Wouldnt need all the features and views or even all the catagories that most skins have.
Maybe 'movies', 'tvshows', 'add-ons', and possibly 'music', all accessable from a simple home page with large icons.
One view for each, and maybe cartoon flavered backdrops.

And first and foremost, easy navigation.

(BTW, thanks to all who have donated their time and given us the awesome skins we do have)
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Hitcher Offline
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I'm sure there was one being worked on sometime last year; have you tried searching?
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ronie Wrote:XBMC: 'kid friendly skins' is our middle name!


My skins:


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