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Full Version: [Windows] No audio from MSI E-350 HDMI Out
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Man am I starting to regret this E-350 purchase the more and more I read about ATI Drivers and all of the issues people have been having with audio out FOR YEARS!

So, it's a simple question with a complicated answer, how in the world do I get audio output from my HDMI port on my MSI E-350?

I've tried ATI & Realtek drivers, I've tried fiddling with bios settings, and I've checked Windows playback devices 9,000 times.

i cant say for sure but its worth a try,,,,
on the REALTEK website, they have a ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver u can download...
link -->
i suggest you install it, then reboot PC of course...
then, in Audio Device, you should see SPEAKERS, right-click and set as default!
If not done yet, in XBMC set audio output to HDMI,
then restart XBMC (important)...

hope this helps
Tried all of the above, except I can't select speaker for my audio device because it says it's a back 3.5mm device. I've tried disabling the on-board HD Audio in Bios and it doesn't make a difference.


I can see the audio levels changing in the windows mixer but the speakers are 100% silent. If you google for ATI Silent Streaming bug it seems to be VERY common.
i said SPEAKERS but its obviously REALTEK HDMI OUTPUT the right name....
my GT210's HDMI port is named 'HDTV' in audio devices.. O.O ...

When i said reboot XBMC its because i had problems too with audio drivers...
when i was plugging my Headphones in the Jack, they wouldnt work....
wouldnt even be recognized....
after installing the correct drivers they were then recognized,,
but still no SOUND coming out from them!!!
problem was, after plugging them, to make the sound traval trough them
instead of my GT210 HDMI port, i had to restart XBMC...
yepp, its not so plug and play like it was on XP for me,,, but it works at last...

So when u right-click on
i said SPEAKERS but its obviously and select TEST, you dont hear nothing at all??

Do you have REALTEK HD MANAGER installed?
hmmm, no I don't. Why did ATI/Realtek have to make this so freakin hard.

I'll try the HD manager this afternoon when i get home from work.

I'm about to just hook up an optical cable.
yeah install REALTEK HD MANAGER,,,
altho for me it came built-in the executable driver....
and also try windows update,
in the list of updates you might see Sound and HDMI drivers!!
uninstall your current audio drivers before tho...
Ok I have the msi e-350 board and I have no issues at all. I let windows update install all the drivers for all of my devices, I got nothing myself. make sure that hdmi is set as the default device. In xbmc make sure you set the audio device as the hdmi.

If that still doesnt work I will check my exact settings later when I am home.
It's not just XBMC, there is absolutely 0 audio from any program in Windows.
Galacticus Wrote:It's not just XBMC, there is absolutely 0 audio from any program in Windows.

Ok do like eskro said, uninstall all drivers, and try windows update. This is what I did and it was perfect for me.
The official Ati drivers (10.3 in my case) work just fine with XBMC 10.1 on Windows 7. Did you use the latest Ati drivers or did you just install the ones on the CD?. And the silent stream bug has nothing to do with your issue, that was actually a Windows issue that was fixed in Service Pack 1
Yep, I've used both the drivers from the disc and discrete drivers.

I have SP1 installed.
have u tried using WIndows Updates yet?
I couldn't get the 6310 driver to show up on Windows Update so I used Driver Sweeper. Once it rebooted I can see the update...but I'm getting this error:


I've NEVER in 20 years had this much trouble with a PC, so infuriating.
Just a question. What is your current system date and time? Are they correct? I have heard that sometimes when people use version of windows obtained on the internet this can be an issue. I would check and see.
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