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Full Version: VDR Extensionpatch
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Ist der VDR Extensionpatch wie in der Anleitung hier beschrieben wirklich nötig, wenn man XBMC PVR mit VNSI laufen lassen will?:
Wenn ja, wozu ist der gut?

Wird es einen angepassten Patch für VDR 1.7.18 geben?
this is an english forum.
Sorry, my fault.

Here my questions in english:
Is the VDR Extensionpatch really needed to run XBMC PVR with VNSI?
If yes, what is it good for in terms of XBMC connection to VDR?

Will there be a update for VDR 1.7.18?
that manual looks a bit outdated.
you'll need the vnsi plugin for vdr, which can be found here: https://github.com/pipelka/vdr-plugin-vnsiserver
no idea if you need that other patch too. could always try without it and see what happens Smile
You don't need the VDR Extension patch.
Thanks for your answers. :-)