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Full Version: How to get GUISettings from Addon
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Is it possible for an addon to get the values for settings like: epg.daystodisplay and epg.epgupdate?

I have been looking for that in the code with no success Sad
unless I haven't seen it yet, I don't think we added any code for that on the add-on interface. so the answer would be "no". why would you want that anyway?
They may be useful when you can obtain very big amounts of EPG info:
- epg.daystodisplay: if you know how many days are going to be displayed you can get only the useful time frame.
- epg.update: when consulting highly mutable info or with no certainties to be stable, you may consult only before the update is going to happen, instead of setting random periodic checks.
these should definitely be exported in the add-on interface, not through reading guisettings.
makes sense.

I could easily add a method on the interface that XBMC can use to notify an add-on that some settings value relevant to that add-on changed.

something like "OnSettingChanged(const char *strSettingName, const void *newValue)"
Great, thank you ^_^