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Full Version: Speed up playback watching video (include 1.1x to 1.5x ffwd rate with audio)?
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like windvd or powerdvd xbmc should be able to play videos faster (1.1x, 1.2x, ...,2.0x).

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Post #249 by FernetMenta

For step-by-step instructions on implementing and using, jump to the following post...

it'd be cool if you could playback video at faster and slower than normal speeds (with sound).
possibly with adjusted pitch to avoid chipmonk voices Smile

basicly a copy of windvd's time stretch feature which is really cool and useful.

you can playback at various speeds between 0.5 and 2.0 (small increments) and it speeds up video, adjusts sound pitch and tells you how long it will take for your current video to finish (at the currrent speed).
i use this for watching downloaded tv programs in a hurry.
eastenders in about 20mins, nice.

would be very cool to have this in xbmc.
not sure if this functionality is part of xbmc or mplayer so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
i really miss the timestretch playback features that my pvr has and would love to see it added to xbmc.

note! slower video playback than x1 speed is called "slow-motion" and that is a different feature, the feature-suggestion thread/discussion for that can be found here (link)
Could it be possible to speed up the playback of an mpg, for example if you have 90mins to watch a film and it is 95mins long just speeding it up slightly would do it. Is that possible?
Also if it is a foreign film with sub-titles you could double the speed and still follow the story (like they did in that Microserfs book I think).
chill down mate.

if you don't have time to watch the film as it was meant, you either don't watch it or you watch it in two sessions. this is just silly imo Smile
you could make a python script for this, with the python support in xbmc you can access all functions of the media player, like fast forward..etc.. and you can code an algo and interface to do this
Thanks Plex. That's interesting. Almost makes me want to start programming again.

I will give you an example of why this can be useful, I had to watch some tutorials a while back, and they were long and boring and mostly about stuff I knew already. With the DVD playing software you could control the speed of playback using the mouse wheel, so I sped up the slow bits and watched 4 hours of video in a couple of hours (and then went home early!).

I think it had steps so you could watch it at 1x, 1.5x, 2x (all with audio) and then 3x or 4x without audio, and also in reverse. You could follow the audio at 1.5x if you concentrated, but 2x sounded like Morph.
spiff Wrote:chill down mate.

if you don't have time to watch the film as it was meant, you either don't watch it or you watch it in two sessions. this is just silly imo Smile

I really hate people like you. Truth is the world is full of people of your kind. good thing that it only takes the few to make the world progress.
This is funny.

Step up and be the few then. When can we expect your solution?
I searched for this but either my searching skills are not so hot or this somehow hasn't come up at the top level.

Several other media playing devices support a 1.5x fast forward rate. At this speed it's still possible to keep up with audio so it can be useful for spinning through some of the extras on a DVD if you're not sure it's going to be great.

The Sony PS3 went 1x, 1.5x and then straight to 10x when fast forwarding. Somewhat makes sense as if you're fast forwarding it's either to go slightly faster or to rocket past some rubbish.

Of course you can't been the big skip button in XBMC when you've set it up to jump over 7 commercial breaks in one hit Smile

Keep up the great work. Hopefully this request makes sense to a developer out there... Even better if this can already be configured.
Back in the old days my trusty videorecorder could do this at different speeds. It had a nifty little feature where it did timestretching on the fly while playing at faster speeds. This way i could watch through boring video material with audio(not pitched up).
I have to say i still miss that feature.
I'd really appreciate knowing how to do this, for this reason.

I watch a lot of fairly boring training videos, and speed them up slight with audio would be a fantastic way, especially when recapping before an examination. I can currently do this within windows media player (as it has a fast, slow and normal option)

Again, if there is a way to do this, I would really like help/asistance to get it working.

Thanks In Adv.
This feature would save me tons of time and would really like to see this implemented in XBMC. I've never used windvd or powerdvd, but there's a program I use on my PC called SMPlayer that allows this and even shifts the pitch so the audio still sounds normal in pitch, but just sped up. I can easily watch most videos at 1.3x which saves 18 minutes per hour of video. (not even taking into account for commercials if you're watch TV shows.) Is it possible to add this feature to XBMC and would it work on the XBOX platform?
freaky_00 Wrote:like windvd or powerdvd xbmc should be able to play videos faster (1.1x, 1.2x, ...,2.0x).

Actually if you run xbmc on an xbox with an xbox controller connected the trigger buttons on the controllers will do exactly that. It will make movies play in 2x, 4x, etc depending on how hard you pull the trigger.

So i guess its really just up to theme creators to bind that same functionality to other input methods.
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