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Full Version: [MOD] Blue OSD for reFocus
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Japaja Wrote:Aha it works with font setting set to default!

Bingo, that did it. So now the question becomes.........how to get it to work with alternate? Having lowercase everything just looks wrong to a lot of people, hence there being the alternate option.
Thanks for the tip, Japaja ! I updated the font.xml, now it should work with all fonts. It was my fault, I didn't count in the alternate font types.
No problem and thank you.
Does this mod work with v0.9.1?
rd1979 Wrote:Does this mod work with v0.9.1?

There's no need for this in 0.9.1 as the blue bar is included with that release.
Sranshaft Wrote:There's no need for this in 0.9.1 as the blue bar is included with that release.

Not so much for the blue bar, but for the Cover art, as shown in the first screenshot. I'd much rather see that and the studio logo.
@ rd1979: Here you go. Replace the original file with this (back it up first) and for movies will display the cover. For tv shows nothing is changed.
Thank you, that worked perfectly.
The old grey OSD looked much better, this new overlay does not suit the skin.
Hi. Good workWink

I use refocus and I want to keep the grey OSD but I would display the movies cover above description.
How can I do this ?

Thanks for your help.
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