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Full Version: Is this form of navigation possible
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Does anyone know if this is idea is possible and how i would go about modding a skin to make it work like this, any help is much appreciated.

This was inspired by Hitchers new Xeebo skin and the idea is to remove the home screen completley, you would always be in one section or another and would navigate to different sections via the up and down controls.

I can see how this might limit the amount of view types but seeing as i only ever use TV, Movies and music with a slide view of some type it should be ok. Pictures might be a pain as i like to use a grid/icon view like in confluence but i guess this could be changed to scroll left-right instead of up down.

I know a lot of the misc options are shown when you usually navigate up or down but once you have everything set i never touch these so could this idea be some kind of kiosk view that gets enabled somehow. Or those misc options be edited through the info menu ( not sure what this is called, its when you press the I on the MCE remote).

Sadly i know nothing about skinning so im not sure if any of this is possible.

Any help would be great, thanks guys. Laugh


Screenshot is a modded image from mortstars Blur port, which looks amazing Big Grin
Yeah its possible you just change the panels <onup> stuff to ActivateWindow(Blah) stuff instead of other control Id's but you will loose all the options to change stuff unless you have a modded keymap to focus it