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Full Version: Epg Update causes XBMC to crash
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This is with todays (28 Apr) build, using vnsi, also built from todays git.

Not much interesting in the log. It starts an Epg update and dies when it gets it's first piece of information. It has been running 15 mins before this..

20:43:44 T:2819615600 M:1696768000 INFO: UpdateFromScraper - updating EPG for channel '10-Chicagoland_Television_News Regional firewire' from client '1'

Is the last piece of information..

(This is my first channel with epg info - it tries radio channels beforehand, but I don't have epg info for them)..
could you pastebin a crashlog please.

and you should be using the pvr-ppa branch if you're not developing. master is the development branch and could be instable at times.
i noticed that, too
haven't had any crashes for a long time, maximum respect!
one time it crashed after stopping a playing channel, the other time just after a restart. might be something related to recent changes.

i was about to take a look into the logs, but my wife stopped me from doing so Sad my startup scripts then have deleted the crash log

i'll keep my eyes open
remove those rm entries in your startup scripts so I can fix that issue too Smile