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Full Version: PVR PPA and patches
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Some people have been asking me to apply patches to the PPA build of XBMC with PVR. That will never happen, so you can save yourself some time by not asking Smile

2 simple rules:
- I will only build packages from the pvr-ppa tree from my repos on github.
- I won't include anything in the pvr tree that has nothing to do with pvr. If a patch is pvr related, send it to my via a ticket on trac or a pull request on github. If it's not pvr related, send it to mainline and once it's included there, it will be included in the pvr tree within a week or 2.

Everybody is free to publish his/her own customised packages on a ppa of course, but if you run into a problem or crash and you're not using the exact same code as in the pvr-ppa branch, I'll need a crashlog or debug log from the normal pvr-ppa build.
Hello Lars,

Maybe you could provide packages for natty in your ppa? That would be great.
In another thread he mentioned that he has to check the dependencies first and this will need some time...
Ok, maybe ill try compiling the source package myself for now.