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Full Version: XBMC LIVE and Emulators
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Hey all,

Ive been using XBMCLive for about a year now and just upgraded to the Dharma 10.1

I downloaded the Executor Add on and Launcher Add on and I still cant get my XBMC to launch my SNES emulator? Is there a walk thru for this? Im so new to this its sickening to you pros Im sure, but I figure this is the best place to ask. I can run it on my Windows version but not the LIVE version. Id like to play the SNES and GENS emulators on my 55". Thanks for any imput on this.

Thanks for the thread but I think Im even more confused now than I was before!Eek

Anyone out there have a step by step?

I barely know how to get into my XBMC via putty.....any help would be Appreciated!


Linux n00b,