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Full Version: View / Edit text files on XBMC live install?
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Is there a way to directly edit and read .XML/text files in XBMClive? I have an installed version of XBMClive and would like to be able to do minor edits to XML files and read the XBMC.log directly from XBMC is this possible? a plugin. Searching the forum I found a reference to notepad plugin but can't find the plugin itself, looks like it is longer developed is there any other way
SSH in, install an editor (nano is considered an easy one), and start editing.
plug in a keyboard, go into a terminal with ctrl-alt-F(x) and edit the file with nano. It's the way I've gone Smile If you're not comfortable with the terminal (Command Line Interface) then there's not much you can do except getting used to it :p