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Full Version: iOS PVR Build?
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Now the brilliant iOS team are getting near alignment with the iOS build - is there any chance Dush (or anyone clever really) might be thinking about an iOS PVR build?
I don't have a mac, so I can't build it for you. it should build and work just fine if you do it manually.
Cool - thanks. I'll give it a go.
Not getting very far here- I don't know if you could give me any hints...

'make xcode_depends' gives this:


Then if I try to build anyway I get this:


OK - I'm starting back at scratch as I seemed to miss out a step first time.

So we go:

git clone git://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc.git

works fine, nice.

But when I switch to Dharma...

$ cd xbmc

$ git checkout Dharma

Then it wipes out the files I need to install with. I take it I'm missing the point, is there a different command I should run to keep things going...

woah! that's ancient.
git checkout pvr-ppa
Thanks fella
Fails on the xcode depends Sad


Any ideas?
I just registered to ask for a build.
I Don't have a Mac, just the Apple TV2 and really would like a build for this. Thanks!
Sorry fella- never did get anywhere with this- davilla did get me a little further down the road but it still ultimately failed. Maybe I'll pull a newer release and try again soon.
Shoesy Wrote:Sorry fella- never did get anywhere with this- davilla did get me a little further down the road but it still ultimately failed. Maybe I'll pull a newer release and try again soon.

That'd be great!
After finishing most of the ForTheRecord (4TR) pvr addon for Windows, I'm currently converting it to run on AppleTV2. Don't get excited, a *lot* needs to be done before that starts working.

But here are some tips to get you started with building the opdenkamp/xbmc githup repo (https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc).

First you absolutely MUST install full X11 support in SL while installing Snow Leopard!

Install XCode 3, with the OS X 10.4 SDK. Install Git (doh).

Then working from within Terminal and assuming you have a directory $HOME/Xbmc:

  1. Pickup a clone of the PVR repo

    Quote:$ cd $HOME/Xbmc
    $ git clone git://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc.git lars

    Your clone of the sources will be at the head of the master branch then. And your working directory is $HOME/Xbmc/lars (named this so I could build multiple XBMC versions side by side).

  2. Follow the steps in README.osx https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/raw/master/README.osx, BUT if you want to (re-)start building with a completely clean environment, change section 3.1 of the readme to

    Quote:$ cd $HOME/Xbmc/lars
    $ make -C tools/osx/osx-depends

  3. This should get you to where you start XCode to build the XBMC executable. Start XCode and follow the instructions from the README.osx again. This will build with 1 warning and at the moment I write this also 1 link error.

  4. If you want to have a true self-built xbmc executable that compiles and links, clone the xbmc/xbmc repo and compile that (don't worry they won't bite each other)
    Quote:$ cd $HOME/Xbmc
    $ git clone git://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git xbmc

    Using your new working directory $HOME/xbmc, once again build the osx-depends, xcode_depends and then -finally- the xbmc executable. Working at the time of writing.

This should help you getting a OS X PVR build. I haven't proceeded into the iOS and AppleTV projects yet. Don't want to go there until I have a successfully working OS X version first. One step at a time, enjoying the journey Wink.

I've got it compiled without issues with the changes to the project files which amet did today:

First i pulled the master from xbmc and build the ios version es described in README.ios

Then i've added a git remote to the pvr branch and just recompiled the xcode project. You need to go to lib/libTcpSocket and do a "make" there - otherwise the xcode project gives a link error.

I've build all osx/ios version that way without issues. But unfortunately the config button for the tvheadend plugin is grayed - so i'm not able to get any further here Sad
Cool beans- have tried the build Amet made - the config button for TVH is there and accessible on his (is a little glitchy), but I can't turn on the support once it is setup. See this thread for his ipad/iphone build:


p.s. cheers for the tips Fred! We're getting closer!