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Full Version: volume icons depending on volume level?
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Is there a visibility based on the volume level? Something like 'player.volume=50' for 50% volume, so it makes it possible to have different images for different volume levels? I can't find anything in the skinning manual for it.

yes, you can use player.volume, it'll return dB values.
so min volume = -60.0 dB
max volume = 0.0 dB

in T! i'm using three different images, with these visible conditions:
You could try using


But I have no idea if it will work

//edit: I'm late Smile
Cheers guys, much appreciated.
One other thing i can't find mention of... what does the visibility condition 'player.passthrough' relate to?

That's the condition to use when audio is passed through and XBMC has no control over it's volume.
Ok, like bitstreaming. Cheers Hitcher.