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Full Version: XBMC freeze
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I installed pvr+odk36-eden build form Lars Op den Kamp repo. And i use vdr 1.7.18 with vnsi server. Everything works but one thing makes me crazy. When i swith unavailable channel in fullscreen video xbmc crashes and i had to reset pc. But when i select channel from playlist no problem just say channel not available. Any suggestion please.
Here is log http://pastebin.com/SfqSvLtz
it's probably not resetting the channel scan timeout. please create a ticket on trac for this and attach the debug log.
I hope it can be solve in a short time
if you create a ticket I won't forget about this issue and it'll be fixed later

I also recently installed the XBMC PVR from Opdenkamp and the VDR 1.7.18 with VNSI following the howto at link and I have the same freezing screen when zapping in fullscreen mode. So if a channel is not available it freezes and no message-box or anything else coming up. But for a short moment the zapping in fullscreen mode worked with popping message-box that the channel is not available, but as stated only for a while and continuing after the unavailable channel wasn't also possible. Now I get the old freezing screen again!

Is there already any update solving this problem or can I solve it myself just reconfiguring something?

Thanks in advance!

that guide doesn't say you have to use the pvr-ppa branch!
for the 100000th time: master is for development, pvr-ppa is for daily use. and yes, I know you can get lockups when you're using the master branch at the moment.