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Full Version: Copy HD to new HD
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I presently have a mini ITX Ion with a 250gb HD.
After much thinking I have bought myself a 2tb internal HD which I want to replace my existing hd.

I have looked at DD but this will not show up the extra space on the new drive. I had problems with partitions before and ended up doing a fresh install of everything Shocked

Is there a way of cloning my XBMC with settings, as its easy to install Ubuntu?

If you backup your home folder (or even just your ~/.xbmc folder) and replace once you've reinstalled xbmc will retain all the settings/library etc.

what about simple disk cloning?
I'm under Windows and i use snapshot oder ghost for things like that.

Have you allready done this:

To copy a hard disk, one would use the following command (whilst root):

dd if=/dev/hdx of=/dev/hdy

hdx is the input hard disk (to be copied) and hdy is the output hard disk (where it is to be copied to).

if = input
of = output

I'm not sure DD can increase the partition size to available size when not you should use (g)parted or
resize2fs to increase the partition.

Until you not delete the old 250GB HDD you are on save side, just try it.

Greetz X23
I think ill give a fresh install with just copying the XBMC home folders as it only the settings im worried about (remotes and that).

Might give DD a try but had a nightmare before trying to extend a partition in gparted and ended up in the end just formating the whole disk and stating fresh.

I wont be doing anything with the 250gb original disk till im well sure everything is working as it should.

vjmcdonnell Wrote:Might give DD a try but had a nightmare before trying to extend a partition in gparted and ended up in the end just formating the whole disk and stating fresh.

you must have done something wrong... Smile
It's your choice to take the blue or red pill.

Installing everything new manually or just clone the great working system and increase partition.

I would give cloning another try and if it's really not working fresh install.

Greetz X23
Ill give cloning a go and sure if that doesn't work I have option 2.

Thanks for all the help.
Clonezilla, is it any good?

Noticed I can set it that it wont leave any free unused space after cloning.

vjmcdonnell Wrote:Clonezilla, is it any good?

i never used it by my self but i'm sure it will do it's job,
like i said give it a try you are save with your existing 250GB.

And if you have finished come back here and tell us it may help other people.

Greetz X23
Will do
Clonezilla has worked very well for me. Give the Clonzilla Live CD a shot. Be sure not to confuse your source disk and target disk(if you do a disk to disk clone). If you have an external drive available you can write an image file from the source disk to the external drive. Then physically remove the source disk and install the target disk and write the image file back to the target disk.

vjmcdonnell Wrote:Will do

mission accomplished?

Greetz X23
Eh no.
Got my lovely new HDD and when I opened up the case of my HTPC there was not enough room cause of the cpu heat skin. I have thus gone external till I put in a NAS.

Thanks for all the help though.