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Full Version: [LIVE] ASX/ASF Stream
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hey guys, i've been lurking for a long time and have learned a ton from these forums and have setup a wonderful XBMC machine on an Aspire Revo.

There is a site that my wife streams international stations from, http://www.livedesi.tv/, and all the stations seem to be in ASX format. I know XBMC doesn't play them natively, so I used a network sniffer to download the asx file, which is disguised as an ".smi" file. for example


I opened that up in notepad and got this:

I put that into a .strm file, and it doesn't work at all. no error message, nothing. am i using the right URL? i saw another post, where it was double hidden, but i don't see anything like that here. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
so is this not possible? or am i being a noob and doing something wrong? i tried searching the forums and all of them said to open the asx file and get the actual stream URL and put that into a strm file, which I did, but still no go.