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Full Version: VDPAU not always being used.
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I'll get a log as soon as possible, but I'm having a problem where H264 HD channels, seemingly randomly, don't use VDPAU decoding, and since I'm using an Atom/ION system the Atom CPU can't decode fast enough. Sometimes stopping the channel and starting again fixes it, sometimes a channel just won't decode with VDPAU with multiple stop/starts/channel changes whereas another HD channel will.

Can't seem to find a pattern yet.

Using VDR - ODK36, updated yesterday to 36 but it was happening every so often before.

(just checked and it seems ODK38 is released, I'll give that a go soon)
Here we go


PVR channel 49 - Good Food HD doesn't use VDPAU (ff-h264)
PVR channel 92 - Comedy Central HD uses VDPAU (ff-h264_vdpau-vdpau)
looks like a problem in vdr, the vdr add-on or the stream itself. it's reporting a size of 0x0, so initing vdpau fails.
Hmm, bugger.

It seems to always happen on Good Food HD now but had in the past only happened occasionally on it. It has also happened on Channel 4 HD every so often too (though I didn't check that last night), but I doubt the channel itself is relevant. Just the fact that it's being reported as 0x0.