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Full Version: XBMC Freezing on wake from hibernate
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this has been bugging me for a while now, I am starting to get annoyed by this problem.

I am running XBMCLive with Dharma on it. Sometimes (~50% of the time) when i wake the HTPC up from hibernate (suspend to RAM) the XBMC freezes the PC. Usualy I can still connect via SSH, but I cannot do anything (sudo reboot and shutdown wont do anything but close the network connection when the PC is n that frozen state. Here's the log, any ideas what I can do to prevent this?



I'm running Natty 64 bit full install with XBMC Nightlies.

I suspend from the natty desktop using my logitech harmony one remote.
On wake - XBMC opens ok (manually - from the desktop)
I start up a video
about 3 minutes in (consistently) - XBMC freezes.