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Full Version: karaoke
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i now have some karaoke music. How do i get it to work? i have enabled it in the settings menu.
1. do i add via music menu and make as a fav.

Now I am intrigued... I read through the wiki

It makes no sense to me. I don't know where to start. I have a 6 year old, who wants to sing karaoke. I had no idea you could set it up on XBMC.

So, I am also interested in the answer to this.
I have a directory containing ultrastar format karaoke (basically an mp3, a music vid and a lyrics txt file with the words, timing and pitch).

I set up a new source in XBMC pointing to this directory and called it karaoke. XBMC didn't ask me what scraper to use or anything like it does with normal sources so I assume if you call the source karaoke XBMC knows what to do with it. For the life of me I can't remember how I started it in XBMC but it was very straightforward once I had added the source. I think I did it via file mode and just chose one of the ultrastar tracks.

However I found the timing to be off in XBMC, with the lyrics being coloured way out of sync with the mp3 or the music vid. Rather than try and work this out I just set ultrastar to launch via launcher. Much easier.

Have you tried just adding a .lrc file to an existing mp3 track as described in the wiki and see what happens when you play it? Do the lyrics appear on screen when you access the file via library mode? Does the name of the source matter at all?
Hi, i'm trying to run some ultrastar song directly from my xbmc and not from the ultrastar software.
the problem is that when i click on the song, the music starts but the words are not showed.
if i use the ultrastar software the songs work fine.
reading the forum i can't find infos about my problem. could be my xbmc release? i'm using one of the last nightly build. or may skin? i'm using aeonnox.
i don't know.....
this is the format of my songs's folder.
any suggestions?


using other files all works fine.