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Full Version: Judder in 23,976/24 hz mode!!!
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Hi everyone,

I'm running XBMC (10.1, stable) on Ubuntu 10.04.2 32 bits, and I have some problems with judder.

My graphics card is GTX460 1 GB, and when I play 23,976 fps content i have some Frames dropes (about 2 drops every 2-3 minutes).

My xorg.conf is correct, with all resolutions and hz. I tried with modelines, for example: ModeLine "[email protected]" 74.230 1920 2560 2604 2752 1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync

Seems to work better, but I have drops (less, but I have..., 2 drops every 3-4 minutes).

I use sync to display (resample audio) but the problem persists...

I have the latest drivers (privatives) from Nvidia...

Any ideas?

EDIT: With 50 hz mode and xbmc configured to upspeed 23,976 to 25 fps I don't have any drop, only ocasional missed valor...