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Full Version: video driver problems after running fine for 4 days
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i installed xbmc-live about 4 days ago. everything has been running perfectly, no problems, no lockups, nothing. then this morning i wake up and fire my random television show playlist and the screen locks up but the audio continues to play in the background. i can't get it to switch to tty1 so i can kill X so i pull the power cord out of it, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.

now, when it comes up, the screen looks like this


im sure its a video driver problem but this is an old HP machine that is using an ati xtreme 200 video chipset. its all supposed to be auto-configured by x.

any ideas where to start with this? i would really like to get this running again without having to rebuild it.
it may sound silly, but check your video cable(s)
no, its not silly at all. that was the first thing i tried.
well now im really confused. i got tired of waiting for ideas so i went ahead and deleted the drive and rebuilt it from scratch. the only thing i did different this time was instead of using the natty/unstable branch i used the maverick/stable branch and it comes up with the exact same video problem.

that to me is pointing at hardware.

but the thing that is really messing with my head is the video was fine till i hard reset it this morning. i quadruple checked all my cables and fittings and everything is fine, i just don't get why this isn't working the way it should.

i think im going to roll a full load of ubuntu and see if it does the same thing with full ubuntu. if it works fine with the full ubuntu then i have to think its still a driver problem. if it doesn't then i have to think its time to dump this system and get another one.
Well, installed full ubuntu on the machine and without touching anything else it runs perfectly fine. except for the obvious audio lockups brought on by pulseaudio, which is the reason i decided to go with live to begin with. but video is bright and clear as it was before. any ideas on this?