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Full Version: [LINUX] Beginners question: Oops, how do I get infrared?
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I recently bought a Shuttle XS35GTV2 ION2 box to install a linux based xbmc or a dharma there.

I was just looking for some harmony remote control (by the way which one does work fine with some default settings ?) when I found out that my new box doesn't have any infrared receive feature.

I believe I simply missed that item.

So I may have to buy something to get the remote control thing linked to the computer thing.

Can someone please tell me what I have to buy?

Am I right if I think of some infrared to usb stick?

Thanks for your help.
You can buy receivers that slot into your USB ports if im not mistaken - check Amazon.
Your best bet from a compatibility standpoint will be to get a Microsoft Media Center compatible IR receiver. Usually you have to buy a cheap remote as well to get a compatible receiver, but sometimes you can find them on their own. The receiver will plug into a USB port, and depending on how handy you are you might be able to mount it internally inside the computer case, or you can have it sit on top of or next to the case.

This is the one I use - I bought the kit, but only use the receivers

Thanks, I ordered that one at Amazon.

What brings me back to the question what model of Logitech Harmony Remote I should buy that won't exceed my configuration skills.