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Full Version: Nothing seems to work for XBMC.
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I love XBMC for the plug-ins, but TV/PVR support sucks. I've tried both MythTV backend and I MediaPortal as a backend and neither one would work at all. As I said first I love XBMC for the plug-ins, but I still love Windows Media Center for live TV and PVR support. Nothing beats WMC for TV tuner cards, but nothing beats XBMC for plug-ins (Especially video plug-ins).
And what is the point of this post??

Pvr works fine for mediaportal. I use it daily... So does myth, vdr and tvheadend. If you can't get it working then that doesn't mean it sucks... It just means you don't know what you're doing.
Did you use linux when you ran the Mythbackend? The windows one is crap from what i've heard.
Go a little easier there loggio he never said it sucks and was quite polite really and said many times he loves xbmc, no need to shoot him down
I'm not shooting anyone down, just telling it how it is. And he did say it sucked ''TV/PVR support sucks''. My apologies if I offended anyone.
have a look at margro's binaries and documentation if you want to run mediaportal as a backend: http://www.scintilla.utwente.nl/~marcelg...r-doc.html

it's working fine and if you are having problems getting it to work, you're probably using the wrong binaries or didn't configure it properly.