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Full Version: Newbie question: IRW - how does it work?
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My case comes with the iMON Pad remote that came with the Thermaltake case i bought (not the greatest in the world but it'll do).

It worked right out of the box without installing LIRC, but only a limited number of the buttons had function. I dont really know how this is possible, but anyway...

I installed LIRC, an now more of the remote is functional than before, but not everything.

Obviously customising the remote is the key, and having looked up some threads, IRW is the place i need to start.

But how does it actually work?

i run it with "sudo irw" and my SSH terminal becomes unresponsive, i get nothing in the terminal or and no output on my TV at all if i start using the remote, and i cant seem to exit IRW. all i can do is restart session to make the terminal window operable again.

I've looked everywhere but i cant seem to find instructions how to properly use IRW, which probably means its simple and this newbie is missing something that's staring him in the face.

Any advice out there?