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Full Version: 4TR question to margro
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I've installed 4tr latest version with mdapi i can watch all channels with argus live tv and vlc.

with xbmc 10.03.2011 build not switch channels in different tp. and xbmc 22.05.2011 build not connect to backend.

There is no ...ForTheRecord_win32.pvr file
Nasuh, I noticed that Margro left out the 4TR pvr from the installer. Sad

I will create a simple ZIP you can use to replace the 4TR directory within the xbmc and put it up for download. But it has to wait until this evening. Busy painting the house now Smile.
As promised: pvr.fortherecord.argus.

The readme.txt within the zip explains how to add/update the add-on to your installed XBMC.
thanks for your support. I'll try now