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Full Version: XBMC linux not seeing mkv volumes
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I have been using xbmc on windows 7 which has been working fine. I have ripped a few blu rays and stored them in movies folder. They are either ISO, mkv or m2ts format, and each movie is in it's folder under mkv/iso/m2ts folder. I can play mkv and m2ts using this xbmc in windows. However, the iso does not play. I understand that xbmc does not support BD iso yet.

Now I have installed xbmc live in jetway mini itx (Atom D525 and Nvidia ion gen 2). I am still in process of adding external hard drives and setting up linux server. But in the meantime I am using my windows 7 computer to serve these movies. When I add a source in xbmc, I can go on network and see m2ts folder on win 7, but I do not see ISO or mkv folders. I would appreciate if someone can help me figure out what is going on and how to fix? Thanks in advance.