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Full Version: Unable to find the ppa...
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Was folowing the instructions on the wiki, added the repo without problems but when I did the "sudo apt-get update" gives me these errors. Tried do the command again in different moments of the day but always get the same response.

Any hints or ideas? I miss my XBMC!!!!! (hard drive crash Sad )
Sorry, forgot to add, due to the hard drive crash decided to install the recent 11.04 ubuntu, I was running 10.10 before. Aside of this, not much has changed.
I think this is because there's no XBMC release for natty on the official repo.

There's a nightly (unstable) build for natty at

wooops that would make sense.... but I dont get why it would install the repo and get the key without problems.....
Well, got 10.10 back in and no problems at all with the repos. So far so good. Thanks for the tip macel.