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Full Version: HDMI audio constant noise (ticking)
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I just plugged video and audio over HDMI. Video is working fine. Sound is working, but not quite well, I have 2 problems.

1) There is a constant "tick" when no music or video is playing
2) I have no menu "click" when I go through items

Item #1 is very annoying. I know it is XBMC because if I stop it the "tick" goes away. It also go away from time to time, but as soon as I play something, it comes back. I've notice that the volume of the "ticks" also varies, sometimes it is louder, sometimes less...

My steup is:

Hardware: Asus Eee Box 1012, Intel Atom 330. Nvidia ION
Nvidia driver: 195.36.24 (from nvidia-glx-185, ubuntu repository)
OS: Ubuntu 10.04.2
XBMC version 10.1 (Mar 9 2011)

Any help would be appreciated as I'm stuck at the moment.