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Full Version: Add a network bridge
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I want to add a network bridge to my xbmc live installation to have LAN access to my NAS and Internet to fill my database etc. but it is a bit more complicated Nod

My settings:

My NAS has only one LAN port (no USB). It is a Western Digital MyBookLive Edition with 2TB. In the past I connected it to my router but this isn't possible now, cause the router has replaced.

My computer has a WLAN PCI card from TP-Link and with this it is connected wireless to the router. It has XBMC Live 10.1 installed on it.

First I followed this tutorial to install ubuntu bridge utils.

Then I edited /etc/network/interfaces with the help from this site http://www.xbmcfreak.nl/en/wifi-onder-li...figureren/.

If I type "ifconfig" I see br0 and with correct data but it does not connect to the internet, only to my NAS.

I have also installed wicd-curses but does not know if I have to deinstall it or maybe edit some network file, etc.

So my question is: Does anybody have succsessfully manage a network bridge for wlan and lan? Can this person give me some hints etc.?

Thanks Wink

IP router:
IP computer WLAN:
IP computer LAN:
subnet mask:

wlan with wpa2 psk

have found a solution: set lan IP to 192.168.1.xxx for mediapc and nas. It was so easy...