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Full Version: framed display on linux/xbmc and messy display after xbmc
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I installed Ubuntu 11.04 and XBMC into my HTPC
I had small playing problems while playin video. Actually all of the videos had this problem. I got some small pausing while playing the video.

So I installed ATI driver (my computer has onboard ATI graphics adapter). So there is no pausing problem but I have 2 new problem after driver upgrade

There are blank black frame around the screen about 1 inch. How can I use all of the screen of my TV like following image/URL
Ubuntu desktop and also XBMC are working on white area

Second problem is, when I exit from XBMC all the screen changed into messy. I cannot use my desktop, no control on desktop so I have to shutdown my computer informally

Do you have any idea about my problems?

Best regards