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Full Version: [Linux] XBMC Crashes and disables mouse pad.
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Everytime XBMC crashes on my laptop while in full screen mode my mouse pad stops working and I either have to shutdown xwindows or hit alt-f2 and run xbmc from run dialog go back into full screen mode and my pad starts working again.

It specifically crashes when I enter the tv shows section from the main menu. But if I goto tv guide or videos then switch to library mode it will not crash.

I use Aeon MQ2 skin on a recently compiled from svn/git version of xbmc on my toshiba satelite a505-6965 series laptop using the Backtrack 4 distribution.

I have a crashlog with debug enabled but am unsure how to send it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. but here is a link to it from my dropbox folder http://dl.dropbox.com/u/745237/xbmc_cras...162032.log

One other thing, TVTunes has never worked once.