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Full Version: [MOD] Add films / tv series button to Horizontal Confluence
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[COLOR="red"]ONLY USE WITH HORIZONTAL CONFLUENCE (and this one can only be used with post-april pre11 versions i think) Tested with "master" version (git repository) @ 04/06/2011
Horizontal confluence post:
Little minimod (simply unpack .rar into Program files/XBMC/addons/skin.confluence/720p).


This will add film/tv series buttons, with their submenus and recently added items (5 and 4 items full visible, they wont change position when keyboard "up" pressed, i dont know how to add more items, so i simply used the same ones that default recently added uses). My main use of XBMC its to classify FILMS and Series, so i need this.

Remember to backup your old files. It doesnt break nor modify anything in the default skin *i hope* (so videos will still have films and tv series and such submenus)

If someone thinks this shouldnt be posted/he doesnt want it posted (i mean some developer), excuse me and simply tell me (or remove it directly) and ill remove (of course if some1 wants to use it/include on skin, no problem from my side, this is git patch link (so you can view changes) http://www.mediafire.com/?z4p3duyhgs6sjlj), or either if you want me to pull a request into main repository also tell me.

Updated: Added "hide films/TV series button" in skin settings and made buttons appear in different order (now they show at the right of "Videos" button instead of the right of "System").
Any chance you can add custom add ons under the Movies/Tv Shows Home icon?

Or point me in the right direction of the XML to edit.