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Full Version: [LINUX] Trying to Play MPEG2 files from my Tivo - Crystal HD - BCM70015
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Per this post I have hoped that I would be able to play MPEG-2 720p files that I downloaded from my Tivo Series 3 on my Apple TV running the crystalbuntu distribution from Sam Nazarko. With the Crystal HD BCM70015 card installed

As per the other post, the files are encoded as MPEG-PS with the [email protected]high profile. It seems that the Broadcom Crystal HD BCM70015 card supposedly supports [email protected] which I believe is equivalent to [email protected]high ?

I don't really want to re-mux or re-encode the files from the Tivo, is this supposed to work ?

All help greatly appreciated!
Is anyone else wanting MPEG-2 PS with the [email protected] to work on their AppleTV ?