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Full Version: Remote stops working after 2 min.
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I'm new on this forum so I'd like to welcome everybody.
I have an Issue with my XBMC. My HTPC is build on:
ASRock ATOM 330 and I installed Linux version of XBMC from LiveCD.
I have Windows Media Center remote with USB receiver which works absolutely fine. It works fine till I leave XBMC in menu without touching it for like 5 min, then it gets dark like going in to sleep. After that remote doesn't respond and I need to restart XBMC from putty or I need to have keyboard or mouse connected to the box to wake system up Sad. When I have mouse connected I just need to touch it to wake it up and after that it works fine.

After it go to "sleep mode" i did run irw and there is nothing at all:

[email protected]:~# irw
[5]+  Stopped                 irw
[email protected]:~#

Can someone please help me I'm a noob with Linux.


PS. Sorry for my bad English.